Fast-track your business case with blockchain technology

Trusted by business leaders.
Loved by IT teams.

SettleMint makes it easy and fast to build, deploy, and integrate blockchain technology into your organization. Whether it’s infrastructure, APIs, or anything else, our platform removes the complexity of blockchain technology.


Move beyond proof of concept and bring your use-case to market in weeks.


A unique developer experience. Take a massive leap forward with our low-code platform.


Connect blockchain into your business for real value. Integrate seamless with any existing applications.

Why business leaders trust us

  • Execute faster
  • Save significantly on time, money & resources
  • Move faster than their competition
  • Tap into new revenue models
  • A more efficient organization

Why IT teams love us

  • Develop and deploy faster
  • No need to hire a squad of blockchain experts
  • Save years of research time
  • Easily integrate with their existing IT stack
  • Create real business growth

Real-world customer cases

Elia: marketplace for tertiary reserves

Marketplace for tertiary reserves

Islamic Development Bank: Shariah-compliant financial products

Shariah-compliant financial products

Islamic Development Bank
Standard Chartered: Tokenization of securities

Tokenization of securities

Standard Chartered

Design, build, and integrate your blockchain business case

Settlemint can guide you through the full journey, or support you where you need it the most. You choose.

  • Deeply understand your use case
  • Design the solution
  • Build the application
  • Integrate it into your IT environment

Our Blockchain-platform-as-a-service available for everyone

SettleMint makes it easy for any developer to build and integrate blockchain applications. The SettleMint platform includes a suite of tools, features, frameworks and APIs to speed up your work as a developer.

Take advantage of the years of R&D we’ve poured into our platform, as well as the experience we’ve gained implementing blockchain solutions for dozens of clients. The platform will be available via our website over the next few weeks.

The #1 low-code platform for blockchain applications

Reduce time to market from 12-18 months to at most a few weeks

Out-of-the-box functionality for any use case

A unique developer experience in the blockchain world

Enterprise integration as a core design principle