The Vlerick Fintech bootcamp challenge

15 March 2017
The Vlerick Fintech bootcamp challenge

For the 2017 edition of the Vlerick FinTech bootcamp, SettleMint was invited to provide a case study for the participating students to deep dive into a practical case. As an alumni of the MBA program at Vlerick, SettleMint founder & CEO, Matthew Van Niekerk, enthusiastically accepted the invitation.

What is the case?

Last week, 50+ future FinTechers were presented with a case to define a go-to-market strategy and plan for SettleMint’s newest blockchain based product ‘DataBroker’.

During a period of 3 weeks students are introduced to trends that are shaping the FinTech landscape and with the SettleMint case, they will deep dive into bringing a blockchain based product to market. The decentralized micropayment dimension of the platform and the possibilities this unleashes fits perfectly with the FinTech focus of the bootcamp.

What is ‘DataBroker’?

Simply put, it’s the first Internet of Things sensor data marketplace for non-personal data. On the sell side, the platform enables organizations, governments or individuals to supply data to the marketplace and fix the price that the data will be sold at. On the buy side, the platform allows the purchase, enrichment and aggregation of data streams from IoT sensors.

“Think Amazon for data, minus the massive corporation in the middle extracting exorbitant rent from the sellers.”

How did the students react?

At the end of the presentation of the case, we were totally overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, no less than 3 teams the took up the challenge.

Welcome aboard! We are eagerly awaiting their thoughts and ideas on how to bring DataBroker to market and are very grateful to have some of the best and brightest minds supporting SettleMint.

In our next post we will talk a bit more about ‘DataBroker’ and why it’s so beneficial to use blockchain technology for this kind of platform. So please stay tuned. And if you have feedback on the concept, feel free to let us know.

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