A full featured platform for the issuance, distribution, redemption and management of smart cryptocurrencies, tokens and assets.



Tokenize your ecosystem

  • Smart assets

    Smart contracts add the capabilities to create smart assets with rules that transcend what was possible with traditional systems, including the ability to settle transactions immediately.

  • Security

    Smart contracts, advanced cryptography and best of breed blockchain netwrorks ensure a completely secure environment with full real time insights into the entire system.

  • Optimized

    By enforcing compliance with pre-defined rules up front via smart contracts, most of these systems can exist without any administrative overhead and benefit from built in compliance and audibility.

What can it do?

A few common use cases enabled by TokenMint

Shared Ownership

Fractional ownership of real world assets. From real estate to vehicles the sharing economy will become increasingly prevalent in our lives. Sharing costs, revenue, ownership and accountability between parties.

Smart Currency

Smart money is the next revolution in our financial system. From non-fungible currencies to currencies that behave differently depending on the context they are used in will open possibilities for autonomous management and new business models.

Loyalty points

Loyalty programs can increase customer engagement levels. A decentralised loyalty program facilitates seamless cross organisation coordination in the program.

Financial Instruments

Create bonds, stocks, certificates and more complex financial assets like turbos and trackers on a blockchain and leverage the inherent benefits ranging from shareholder management, to instant settlement.


Build upon these best of breed components to bring your token economuy use cases to life.

  • Consortium Ethereum

    Enterprise blockchain applications most often run in consortium networks. Building on the Parity Ethereum client it becomes easy to either run your own consortium chain or use the semi-public MintNet network.

  • Enhanced smart contracts

    Leveraging the developer friendly REST APIs to interact with the smart contracts, query the data in the system and connect the contracts with the outside world by leveraging the oracle and event webhook systems.

  • Role based permissions

    Using the role based permission sytem in the smart contract template library, combined with the secret contracts feature in the Parity blockchain client, it becomes possible to implement granular access rights and private agreements on chain.

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