Build your own blockchain app

The Mint middleware, or dAPI, is a zero-configuration smart gateway on top of your smart contracts. It makes working with blockchain technologies easy for your IT team.


An integrated development environment

Extending the capabilities of the excellent Truffle development tool, the mint command adds everything you need to setup your project and run the Mint dAPI Docker container on top.


Easy to integrate REST API calls for your contract functions

The Mint dAPI auto-generates easy to integrate REST API calls. Documented live in a user-friendly documentation tool, it provides you or your IT team the capabilities to interact with your on-chain business logic, without the complexity of the technology.

A smart and composable middleware

To build real-world applications, you need more than easy integration with your smart contract functions. Configure your own "smart" dAPI to suit your needs.

  • Query & filter your smart contracts data

    Working with lists, complex data structures and multi-contract applications is notoriously tricky and slow. The Mint dAPI adds a zero configuration, always up to date database mirror (MongoDB) of your smart contract data. Fast, performant, searchable.

  • Connecting to the outside world

    Our integrated oracle solution with an efficient storage of historic data make integrating your contracts with outside data a breeze.

    Any action taken by the smart contract system can result in event messages. To tie these in to external systems the Mint dAPI has a built in event listener and push messaging solution.

  • Jumpstart with a smart contract library

    Getting your project off the ground becomes a lot more easy by starting from the Mint smart contract library. Building on industry best practices and standards, these contracts are the perfect place to start.

    Writing smart contracts is not an easy feat, especially since they are immutable. SettleMint offers both bespoken contract development services, and auditing services for your own contracts before you deploy them. More info...

  • Multiple blockchains & adjacent services

    Use the Mint dAPI to connect to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Multichain, BigchainDB, Quorum, and more on demand. And enable the use of large public networks for anchoring your data using industry leading technologies and data formats.

    Add integrations with IPFS, IPDB and cloud providers like AWS and Azure out of the box.

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