Simac ICT Belgium - first Belgian partner of Blockchain specialist SettleMint

28 October 2019
Simac ICT Belgium - first Belgian partner of Blockchain specialist SettleMint

The Belgian companies Simac ICT and SettleMint intend to cooperate more closely. The software expertise of the Leuven-based scale-up SettleMint and the integration experience of Simac are, after all, perfectly complementary. SettleMint provides a low code and Blockchain-technology agnostic middleware, whereby Blockchain business solutions can be developed and implemented much quicker. Simac, for its part, provides the technical expertise in order to successfully integrate diverse applications and technologies.

The Blockchain market is on the cusp of explosive growth. More and more companies are trialing this new technology and looking at how they can make their internal and external processes more efficient and more transparent. The dearth of expertise and of suitably trained Blockchain-developers is currently preventing a further breakthrough in Blockchain. That’s why SettleMint has developed the middleware ‘Mint’, which ‘programs away’ the complexity of Blockchain technology into easy-to-use software components, like APIs. “Blockchain-developers are scarce and expensive,” says Matthew Van Niekerk, CEO at SettleMint. “With our software, a web developer can start working immediately, without needing to learn a new programming language. Companies needn’t fret – thanks to us – about complex Blockchain technology.

“Using middleware makes Blockchain projects much less disruptive to a company’s existing apps,” confirms Kristof Versluys, Cross Domain Architect at Simac. “Nothing needs changing in the apps that want to send data to a Blockchain. That’s what really sets SettleMint apart from other companies in the same market.”

The fact that SettleMint – as a local, Belgian company – operates at the cutting-edge of technology also endears it to Simac.

“SettleMint wants to keep its number of joint-venture partners to a minimum. Complementarity is top of our wishlist,” said Van Niekerk, “and knowledge of other technologies, e.g. the Internet of Things in Simac’s case.” SettleMint, itself, does not wish to become a system integrator (SI); the company focuses solely on its software. “Integration, in some cases, can be very extensive. The data flow can encompass sensors, datacenters, business and industrial processes, front-end development … Teaming up with SIs like Simac is then self-evident.” Simac’s flexibility and the speed at which they react when an opportunity arises are greatly appreciated by SettleMint. “Nor is Simac afraid to tackle a project that lies outside its comfort zone. It’s also prepared to invest in extra expertise.”

Simac is one of the few Belgian companies that has Certified Blockchain Solution Architects at its back, and can act in various phases of a Blockchain project. “Via workshops we let organizations think about the apps that could be useful to them, and we then help them with the practical implementation of SettleMint’s middleware,” says Johan Diels, director at Simac. “Also, when an implementation goes live, we continue to lend technical support.” In order to convince more people of how a combination of IoT and Blockchain makes a supply chain more efficient and more transparent, Simac has developed an interactive demo that users can fully personalize, to suit their own requirements. This demo is available at the Simac website.

To highlight the cooperation, Simac and SettleMint are sharing a stand at the IOT World Congress in Barcelona (October 29-31). Come visit them at stand number B210.

About Simac

Simac ICT Belgium is a subsidiary of Simac Techniek, a strategic ICT integrator active throughout the Benelux. SImac ICT Belgium considers it its core mission to optimize the ICT infrastructure of organizations to make enterprises flourish. Simac ICT Belgium offers services in Cabling & Infrastructure, Business Management Solutions, Integration and Professional Services.

About SettleMint

SettleMint is a Blockchain technology company (with offices in Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India and Singapore) & was incorporated in 2016 by Matthew Van Niekerk & Roderik van der Veer. With the realization that the technology will benefit organizations large and small, unlock incredible opportunities for society and move from a nascent to prevalent technology over the next 5 to 10 years, Matthew and Roderik set up SettleMint with a simple purpose, to make it easy for developers to integrate blockchain technologies into their applications. This product vision addresses the single biggest inhibitor to adoption, developer capabilities.

SettleMint’s core technology ‘Mint’ accelerates the path to leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology: whether those enterprises are looking to improve efficiency, to extend their current products to a new client segment or to completely reinvent an existing business model. Mint is a chain-agnostic node-wrapping technology including a suite of APIs, developer tools and frameworks that enable any software developer to build new Blockchain based applications or integrate Blockchain functionalities into existing solutions. Mint encapsulates years of R&D on the technical, operational & organizational aspects of Blockchain technology & packages this in fully documented APIs, micro-services, browser components and templates that strips away complexity and providing developers with the building blocks required to build full stack applications.

Based on our development of 35+ fully functioning Blockchain applications & after having researched more than 500 known use cases, Mint covers 85% of the use cases for Blockchain technologies and radically reduces the time to market for users. Using Mint, integrating blockchain technologies into an application can take as little as 3 hours.

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