How to introduce Blockchain into your organisation successfully?

18 August 2019
How to introduce Blockchain into your organisation successfully?

Blockchain has become the technology of choice for companies and organizations who want to engage in a digital transformation process, and at the same time establish trust in a trustless environment.

In the last couple of years, several use cases have emerged that leverage the strength of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) on which blockchain is based:

  • ERP and CRM systems can be enhanced with blockchain technology to automate sales processes by keeping track of quote requests, quotes, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, remittance slips, while ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the information comprised in these documents.
  • Blockchain can be used to follow up on the production process of food from farm to table, allowing customers to easily verify the exact origin of their favourite consumer goods.

Your company or organization may have similar needs in a different context. You may already have considered introducing Blockchain into your software environment, asking yourself some important questions such as:

  • How can we integrate Blockchain into our own existing architecture?
  • How do we establish interoperability between the different systems that are used by the different stakeholders at play, large players and small players alike?
  • How do we guarantee the high level of security that is inherent to Blockchain, but that is not always as trivial to implement as one would wish?

These are some of the challenges many companies and organizations are facing when trying to put into place a blockchain-based application.

Even with the right team, companies and organisations risk ending up spending a substantial amount of time and money implementing a solution that meets enterprise-grade standards, making the introduction of blockchain a painful experience.

Speed up the integration of Blockchain technology

At SettleMint, we can help you with our expertise. Based on our experience with several dozens of projects, we have built our core product, Mint; a distributed middleware that offers you a head-start when developing blockchain functionality.

Mint will significantly accelerate the development process, saving you plenty of time at a fraction of the cost.

Mint offers generic functionality that avoids the boring work of having to reinvent the wheel, solving problems we have solved many times before in other projects; it allows developers to focus on implementing the functionality that is specific to your company and your company’s needs.

On the lowest level (level 0), Mint is compatible with all the major infrastructure providers, while staying 100% vendor agnostic. Mint integrates seamlessly with EthereumAzureIPFS … to name just a few examples.

SettleMint has distilled all the core functionality that is required to develop and deploy blockchain-based applications into a generic library that takes care of most of the heavy lifting and repetitive tasks.

On a higher level (level 2), Mint offers an API that reduces the complexity of developing in a distributed environment. A set of ready-made components allow developers to deal with a series of common issues in a transparent way, such as:

  • Getting authentication right,
  • Crafting smart contracts and transactions based on your organization’s business logic and rulesets,
  • Maintaining an index and database close to ensure the performance of the application,
  • Connecting with external systems such as an ERP, a CRM through webhooks,

On the highest level, Mint offers a User Interface and a dashboard that allows administrators to:

  • Configure different aspects of the application,
  • Create, issue, distribute, control and interact with different types of blockchain-specific objects,
  • Monitor the usage and explore blocks, smart contracts, and so on.

In short, Mint offers you an “à la carte” menu of functionality that is indispensable for every company and organization that is looking to invest in blockchain as the backbone of its digital transformation process.

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