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The SettleMint IDE is a powerful tool that simplifies the development and deployment of your blockchain application, turning any developer into a blockchain developer. It includes smart contract templates ... Continue

SettleMint Integration Studio

The SettleMint Integration Studio is a low-code solution for connecting existing enterprise systems to blockchain applications. It enables any developer to move from blockchain development to production in less time, and at lower cost ... Continue

Business processes and operations that involve a variety of participants are difficult to coordinate. In the status quo, participants typically lack visibility into the current status of the system. There is typically no real-time view of what the other participants are doing ... Continue

SettleMint state machines 1
SettleMint Cordapps

CorDapps form the foundation of Corda networks. All transactions go through CorDapps. Until now, developing and distributing CorDapps has been an expensive proposition ... Continue

Corda hits the sweet spot for financial sector-focused DLT use cases. SettleMint’s low-code platform empowers anyone to create & deploy business networks and build & deploy Corda applications, faster than ever... Continue

SettleMint Corda network

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