monetize your sensor data
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Sensors, smart cities & blockchain, a perfect match

Today companies make use of sensor data to optimize and monitor their operations. The result is a single purpose data landscape. What if we could make this data easily accessible to cities, organizations and entrepreneurs? At an a ordable price? DataBroker drives the evolution towards truly ‘smart living’.

DataBroker, a place to sell & buy sensor data.

DataBroker is the first market place for sensor data using blockchain technology. It brings together all different participants in one place: sensor owners, data processors, and network owners.

  • Ethereum ‘smart contracts’ handle fair, direct payments to all parties. They also ensure access to the data purchased on DataBroker.
  • Multichain or BigchainDB blockchains ensure the integrity of the encrypted data being exchanged. Either hosted, or on premise.

Who is it for?

DataBroker brings together people with complementary needs. The platform allows sensor owners to earn back their investments in hardware while enabling entrepreneurs and organizations to buy and aggregate data for their own purpose or resell the enriched data via DataBroker.