Blockchain will happen under the hood, yet shift the power back to the users.

23 May 2017
Blockchain will happen under the hood, yet shift the power back to the users.

In this series, our employees share how they got into the blockchain space and why they chose to work for SettleMint. This week we would like to give a warm welcome to one of our blockchain developers, Olmo (31).

1. How did you first hear about SettleMint?

I heard about it when I saw a job opening posted on LinkedIn. I discovered SettleMint was the new venture of Roderik who I already knew from the Blockchain Vlaanderen-meetup group, a community of people in Belgium interested in the applications of the blockchain technology. I became very curious and decided to ask for an interview.

2. What is your favorite part about working for SettleMint?

What I like most is that we use the latest technologies and tools in addition to the industry standards. I enjoy using the latest and greatest (e.g. React) and pushing forward what is possible in building distributed applications.

3. What is the difference between the traditional way of developing and blockchain development?

The difference is that there is a lot less room for error. The focus on quality, reliability, and stability is much higher than in traditional development and also ‘security’ is an entirely different story. The considerations you need to make to build blockchain-based applications differ a lot from the traditional way of thinking. I feel that at this moment the blockchain space is moving incredibly fast: I see a growing community that is taking part in figuring out the applications of the blockchain technology.

4. What made you want to become a blockchain developer?

I think the future is FinTech. I was already a Full Stack Developer in my former job, and I felt like this was the next right step to add to my skill set.


5. Do you think blockchain technology will change the world? How?

I think a lot of things are going to change the world. The blockchain is something that will happen under the hood and won’t be visible on the surface. I also believe it will be widely adopted.

On the question how I think the most interesting part is that blockchain enables smaller developer teams to create systems or tools for storing and transferring value and deliver these projects much quicker. Aside from this, blockchain will shift the power in the world economy back to the users.

Back in 1995, it was impossible to create an application allowing an unbanked African to exchange value with an Indonesian working halfway around the globe. A privilege of the developed world, leaving behind people in developing countries without access to a banking system.

Now thanks to a decentralising technology this will finally change. The economic and business community will look entirely different in a few years from now.

6. What have you gained from working at SettleMint?

In just a couple of weeks, my skill set has broadened enormously. I love using best-of-breed tools such as GitLab and Slack. Thanks to SettleMint I frequent meetups, like the one on Hyperledger a while ago, which has helped to broaden my professional network.

7. Any favourite line from a movie?

‘Show me what you got’ –Rick and Morty.

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