Building Blockchain applications just got easier

By using our distributed middleware Mint, you’ll build Blockchain applications in no time.

Mint accelerates your deployment of Blockchain into your IT architecture or business case by abstracting away the technology on three levels. Enable your IT teams to launch production grade blockchain based systems in weeks instead of months.

The template library

Contains everything you need to jumpstart the development of your use case. Experience has taught us that this template library covers roughly 85% of any enterprise use-case.

The zero-configuration REST API and utility services

Processes your smart contracts and generates an application level API supplemented with utility services to query easily, to monitor the state of your system and to integrate it with external systems. This provides an incredible leap in developer experience for your IT team.

The zero-configuration management UI

Configures itself based on the level two API’s and provides a complete blockchain explorer, dynamic management of the objects in your smart contract system (e.g. creating and issuing tokens, managing supply chains, and more) and provides your developers with live documentation of the underlying API’s.

Out-of-the-box functionality in Mint

Mix and match different functionalities to build the Blockchain business solution you are looking for.

Creation & exchanging

of assets

Immutable recording

of assets and data

Tracking & tracing

of assets


assets and voting

Clients working with Mint

Join these innovative organisation to implement blockchain based solution yourself with ease.

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