Blockchain Developer

Are you a blockchain developer with an appetite for new technologies, and looking forward to pushing the blockchain space to the next level? Then we want you to join the SettleMint team. We’re growing rapidly, and are looking for motivated people who are keen to learn, feel comfortable working on our core product, called Mint, as well as building different client-facing projects.

About us

SettleMint bridges the gap between organisations and blockchain technologies. We provide both end-user products and a suite of developer tools to enable organisations to grow their blockchain capabilities rapidly. Our mission is to empower governments, enterprises and individuals with access to blockchain technologies to develop new economic, social and political operating models to improve the planet. Blockchain technologies are foundational and as such, are not confined to any one industry. Our core solution ‘Mint’ is being used to build solutions that reinvent e-commerce, identity management, financial markets, security, land registration and IoT data management to name a few.


  • Have some experience in the blockchain space
  • Are super exited to push blockchain technologies to the next level
  • Want to make this world a better place

We offer:

  • A great wage and benefits
  • Offices in Leuven, BE, right next to the central station
  • The coolest, sweetest and most awesome colleagues in the world
  • The possibility to be a part of Blockchain Academy, where you will teach blockchain technologies to people all over the globe
  • Develop smart contracts
  • Build libraries for UTXO chains
  • Collaborate with the team
  • Reporting to the CTO
  • Change the world
  • Solidity development
  • Javascript & web3.js development
  • Passionate about innovation
  • Experience in the blockchain space
Employment Terms
  • Full time employee
  • On site in Leuven, BE or Dubai

Sound like the job for you?

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of our team.

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