We make it easy to build business solutions with Blockchain technology

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Allowing businesses worldwide to take advantage of Blockchain.

Mint, the distributed Blockchain middleware

Mint makes it easy to build business solutions with Blockchain technology.

Mint is a licensed, enterprise-grade, middleware solution for leading Blockchain technologies making building Blockchain applications (or integrating Blockchain technologies into existing applications) easy for developers.

Mint includes a versatile and modular set of frameworks and templates supporting a wide array of functionalities and use cases where Blockchain technologies can be deployed.

Improve your time to market

Using the Mint middleware solution, your Blockchain application can be deployed in production in weeks, not months.

Exceptional developer experience

Built for and by developers, the Mint middleware provides a complete set of developer-friendly tools and technologies that makes working with it a snap.

Benefit from years of R&D

We have spend years on R&D in the Blockchain space and have deployed a multitude of production apps together with our clients.

Vertical solutions based on Mint

Bridging the gap between your business & the Blockchain technology

  • DocuMint

    Securely track & manage any asset, supply chain, contract or flow through an on-chain workflow engine.

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  • TokenMint

    A full featured platform for the management and issuance of smart cryptocurrencies, tokens and assets.

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  • CertiMint

    Securing virtually unlimited amounts of data and files by timestamping, anchoring, & certification in one or more Blockchains.

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  • EnergyMint

    Providing Energy Industry players with the required components to bring their ideas for the next generation of energy markets to life.

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  • GovernMint

    Gain control and auditability in the internal governance processes of your organisation or municipality.

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SettleMint Ventures


DataBrokerDAO, a peer-2-peer IoT sensor data marketplace

Enabling the monetisation of IoT sensor data, turning sunk costs into perpetual revenue streams.

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SettleMint Blockchain Academy

Blockchain Academy, learn what Blockchain is really about

Learn to write your first smart contract or get on top of the business value of Blockchain. Full day training programs or contact us for custom arrangements.

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